A Dent Repair Fable: The Factory, The Specialist, and the Painter
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A Dent Repair Fable: The Factory, The Specialist, and the Painter

A Dent Repair Fable: The Factory, The Specialist, and the Painter

There are many types of Paintless Dent Repair technicians, just like in any other line of work. For example, a man may be a baker at a factory, but that doesn't necessarily help all customers out. If someone needed a birthday cake for a loved one, they may ask the factory worker, to make them a cake: lets say he charged 20$, for the trouble. If they don't care about the quality of the cake, all of the special trimmings or taste, then that cake may have been a perfect choice for them. Many dealerships, large dent repair companies, and auctions fall under this category. Its often hallmarked by extremely low pay for the factory worker, golden handcuffs, and poor quality repairs.

Now lets look at another type of baker: the specialty baker. Someone who has dedicated their life to baking nothing but the very best little treats. They have perfected every recipe and built a large local clientele. They have honed recipes over decades to bring his/her customers the very best. Often this means staying on the cusp of new innovations and tools, working extremely long hours solving problems with newer techniques, and staying in community with the worlds best technicians.

Its safe to say that the specialist is in a completely different world, than the the factory baker. In fact, its not even the same sport. The customer is looking for a home run from a pro, but they find a wall of misguided information. They don't know what to do, so they do what anyone would: they look for the best price tag. They ignore the throngs of positive reviews for the specialty baker, once they see what he charges. They walk away angry and upset with the specialty baker and go back to the factory baker. Feeling pleased with themselves they pay the 20$, again. The wedding day comes and when the cake is presented, its no better than the birthday cake. Its a complete disappointment. They then run to the specialty baker for a solution but to their dismay, the price is even higher: so they turn to the real villain.

Now lets move that analogy into the realm of Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). There are hundreds of auction, dealership, and commercial paintless dent repair technicians, and their primary goal is to bake 20$ birthday cakes. They even celebrate their extremely low costs, but there is something hidden in those low cost (Your getting exactly what you paid for, factory cake). They have built their entire endeavor around making dents "look different", but that may not help you when the wedding day comes, and its your 50,000$ vehicle on the line. However, there is much more to this story: namely the body shop or painter.

The terrible truth is, when dealerships and auctions, are hard pressed for a perfect PDR repair, they often call in the specialist. The stakes could not be higher, especially when it comes to the safety of your vehicle. Specialty technicians do cost more, but the results are lightyears apart from the factory worker. There is good reason why the specialty tech has throngs of reviews and positive feedback, namely huge savings. You see there is a villain in this story and its not the factory or specialty tech, its the Painter.

The painter wants to charge 6000$ and run your wedding ceremony, along with your line of credit (to your insurance company). They want to hold your cake for months at a time, and wave at you from behind a telephone. To make matters worse, many body shops don't do what they say they will. Its very important to take your vehicle to another Body Shop after they finish, to ensure you got a good job. In truth, the painter is not actually doing you a better job in some cases.
In reality, he is not baking you a cake at all. He is ripping your cake apart and putting it back together with his fingers and a scapulae: you see, this is, in fact, why he cant just bake your cake all alone. He must also recreate the plate it's sitting on, by shattering it. I know it sounds crazy, but that is whats happening, in many cases. Since they cannot get a perfect match on your cake, they simply "blend" everything else around it to make it look the same. This unfortunately damages the value of your vehicle, all of your perfect cake is now repainted (To create the illusion that your damaged portions "look" similar.).

And this is why Specialty Paintless Dent Repair Technicians exist.