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A Dent Repair Fable: The Factory, The Specialist, and the Painter

A Dent Repair Fable: The Factory, The Specialist, and the Painter

There are many types of Paintless Dent Repair technicians, just like in any other line of work. For example, a man may be a baker at a factory, but that doesn't necessarily help all customers out. If someone needed a birthday cake for a loved one, they may ask the factory worker, to make them a cake: lets say he charged 20$, for the trouble. If they don't care about the quality of the cake, all of the special trimmings or taste, then that cake may have been a perfect choice for them. Many dealerships, large dent repair companies, and auctions fall under this category. Its often hallmarked by extremely low pay for the factory worker, golden handcuffs, and poor quality repairs.

Now lets look at another type of baker: the specialty baker. Someone who has dedicated their life to baking nothing but the very best little treats. They have perfected every recipe and built a large local clientele. They have honed recipes over decades to bring his/her customers the very best. Often this means staying on the cusp of new innovations and tools, working extremely long hours solving problems with newer techniques, and staying in community with the worlds best technicians.

Its safe to say that the specialist is in a completely different world, than the the factory baker. In fact, its not even the same sport. The customer is looking for a home run from a pro, but they find a wall of misguided information. They don't know what to do, so they do what anyone would: they look for the best price tag. They ignore the throngs of positive reviews for the specialty baker, once they see what he charges. They walk away angry and upset with the specialty baker and go back to the factory baker. Feeling pleased with themselves they pay the 20$, again. The wedding day comes and when the cake is presented, its no better than the birthday cake. Its a complete disappointment. They then run to the specialty baker for a solution but to their dismay, the price is even higher: so they turn to the real villain.

Now lets move that analogy into the realm of Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). There are hundreds of auction, dealership, and commercial paintless dent repair technicians, and their primary goal is to bake 20$ birthday cakes. They even celebrate their extremely low costs, but there is something hidden in those low cost (Your getting exactly what you paid for, factory cake). They have built their entire endeavor around making dents "look different", but that may not help you when the wedding day comes, and its your 50,000$ vehicle on the line. However, there is much more to this story: namely the body shop or painter.

The terrible truth is, when dealerships and auctions, are hard pressed for a perfect PDR repair, they often call in the specialist. The stakes could not be higher, especially when it comes to the safety of your vehicle. Specialty technicians do cost more, but the results are lightyears apart from the factory worker. There is good reason why the specialty tech has throngs of reviews and positive feedback, namely huge savings. You see there is a villain in this story and its not the factory or specialty tech, its the Painter.

The painter wants to charge 6000$ and run your wedding ceremony, along with your line of credit (to your insurance company). They want to hold your cake for months at a time, and wave at you from behind a telephone. To make matters worse, many body shops don't do what they say they will. Its very important to take your vehicle to another Body Shop after they finish, to ensure you got a good job. In truth, the painter is not actually doing you a better job in some cases.
In reality, he is not baking you a cake at all. He is ripping your cake apart and putting it back together with his fingers and a scapulae: you see, this is, in fact, why he cant just bake your cake all alone. He must also recreate the plate it's sitting on, by shattering it. I know it sounds crazy, but that is whats happening, in many cases. Since they cannot get a perfect match on your cake, they simply "blend" everything else around it to make it look the same. This unfortunately damages the value of your vehicle, all of your perfect cake is now repainted (To create the illusion that your damaged portions "look" similar.).

And this is why Specialty Paintless Dent Repair Technicians exist.



Never Purchase Dent and Ding Protection

Hello, Im a Paintless Dent Repair technician and Ive "closed out" thousands of repairs, from all of the major dent and ding policies. Notice that I didn't say, fulfilled, I said "closed out". That is because over 80% of those making claims are being denied for a two main reasons. One, its not in the techs best interest to fix the dent (No fiscal motivation to repair or deal with the paperwork). Two, the guard plan, does not cover the damage. Don't purchase a product that you don't need, from a third party that doesn't fix dents, for something you cant use if they did. Here are several major carriers to avoid: 

1. Safe-Guard 
2. Vanguard 
3. DentGuard 
4. AutoNation
5. Ding Shield
6. Dent Zone
7. Auto Body Guard
8. Signature Finish
9. The Warranty Group
10. IAS Direct

Five Reasons To Never Buy A Dent Protection Package

1. Your already covered: don't waste money on a false sense of additional protection. New car buyers must have automotive insurance that covers major and minor damage. When you get a automotive insurance policy, you also get a primary handler in your region: they will help you solve these little dents when they arise. Therefore, you don't need to feel trapped by your lack of understanding within the auto body and paintless dent repair industries.Your insurance adjuster will know local dent repair shops that can meet your needs, without filing a claim and damaging your premiums. In a nutshell, don't let fear be your reason for paying too much for a dent and ding policy, you don't need. 

2. These programs run on typical bait and switch tactics. In short, they do not protect consumers, like they say they do, or in the way that claimants need to be covered. The wording on the policies are very slick and if you are not paying attention to the fine print, you will get taken to the cleaners. Claimants often think that all of their dents and dings are covered, but once they get a dent, they learn the harsh truth too late. For example, a three inch crease, caused by someone opening a car door into yours, is not covered by most of these policies. To be clear, these policies are not willing to pay out for typical damaged locations, aluminum uncharges, typical bracing obstructions, and removal or installation of parts: which is often required to do the job right. They are not committing fraud, but they are offering a promise that you don't actually need, wrapped in a guise of something that you will need. 

3. Dent Protection policies are often separate from the dent repair industry. That is to say, most of these companies are not in the automotive industry. In fact, they are clueless about pricing and quality for paintless dent repairs. They have no industry standards about who they hire to repair your car! The amount you spend on coverage, would be better saved to hire a professional, when or if, you get a dent in the future. There are four primary certifications for paintless dent repair technicians. Click one of these links and search for a local technician below. If you cannot find one in your area, simply call the closest tech on one of these lists -- they can help you find the right person in your area. 

3. VALE 
4. ARK

4. Claimants do not have a choice about who works on their vehicle. In the mid 60's, within the body shop industry, many Federal and State laws were written in hostility towards "steering" practices. These were enacted, to protect consumers from the type of activity, these "protection policies" promote. Today, large automotive insurance companies cannot "steer you" to a preferred shop, because its illegal. Why purchase a plan, that will 100% lock you into that failed system? You can only image what was really happening within the bodyshop industry during the 1950's: insurance companies were controlling the shops and cutting every corner possible to increase their financial position. As a result this led to shady work that didn't have vehicle safety in mind. These dent protection programs bypass these laws by being a club like AARP or AAA. Make no mistake, your not "insured", you're just joining a club. All this club really does is contact a paintless dent repair company, something you can do for free. They assume they are going to get commercial pricing from quality technicians due to their commercial status, but that is changing rapidly. As more consumers learn about the value of paintless dent repair, the prices are increasing nationwide. As a result, dent protection clubs are hiring anyone who says they can repair your dent, for cut rate deals. As a result, you are paying triple the normal cost of these repairs, for the worst possible outcome. They do not have their "club members" best interests at heart, they are only concerned with their profit margins. 

5. Its a profit generating powerhouse for dealerships, not a dent repair service for customers. Why can consumers only get these policies at the time they purchase a new vehicle? The answer is a simply one after all - it points to the real motivation, money. It should be noted that most dealerships employees, do not know these truths, they are just employees selling a product they know nothing about: if they knew, they would not sell it. You will also find that many small dealerships do not sell these policies, usually because the owners understand these clubs and cannot afford negative reviews, since their customer base is so small. In a large corporation, however, its easier for these problems to get lost. When a real complaint is filed, its simply pushed over onto the club: where it rightfully belongs. In the end, its just a vicious cycle of wasted time and money for the customer. 

Lets do a bit of math to illustrate what is really going on: the average large dealership is selling 40-120 cars a month and around 25% of those purchasing a Dent Protection, of some kind. At the very minimum, that equals about 10 policies signed per month, which cost a minimum of 500$-2500$ each, for the consumer. That equals about 25,000$ a month and the dealership receives about 30-40% of that, over the life of the loan. On a low month, a dealership can hope to earn around 7500$ from selling just 10 policies! A claim center earns around 17,500$ a month from a single dealership, with their 60-70%. They can expect to claim less than 10% of those policies over the life of the club membership, for a total of 1750$, outgoing claims. Traditionally, they refuse to pay anything over 50% of the market price to local technicians. The average dent or ding costs around 150$ to repair, but they are only willing to pay out 75$. As a result, most qualified technicians, don't have time to fulfill these claims: they simply cannot afford it and its not worth their time. This waste of time typically comes in two forms: One, claimants often have damage that is not covered by the club policy. The technician is not paid for determining that your claim doesn't fall into the category of the club policy. Since most claims are denied its a huge waste of resources for small business owners. Two, dealing with these companies are a huge waste of time from a logistical perspective: paperwork, multiple phone calls, sending images back and forth, specialized forms for each company, and then the tech might get paid in 90 days. 

In closing, please save your money and call a paintless dent repair company, if you ever get a dent. Don't join fake clubs, use google yourself.


Middle Management at Dent Wizard Accidentally Does Two Consecutive Hours of Work.

Melissa Hamm reported this Friday she noticed that a flustered Dent Wizard manager, named Matt, accidentally worked two consecutive hours in a work day. The only other time that he had worked this hard was in 1995, when a technician accidentally ran out of glue. It was reported that the manager didn't mind, but was worried his tech would actually see him. He further admitted, his previous job as a box stacker for Catoes Sports Wear, was more demanding, but he had grown accustom to his new lifestyle. Apparently, his role as manager, just includes telling his technicians how little money he makes compared to them. It has been reported that this will not happen again and the issue has been resolved without further incident.

No Third Party Dents

We do not perform work on someone else's vehicle for you, unless we personally know you as a commercial account and trust you are working in tandem with the owner of the vehicle: we reserve the right to contact the customer, regardless. If you have negligently damaged your customers vehicle, own it. Its a part doing business. We are happy to repair the dent with your customers consent, but never without it.

We also do not estimate vehicles when the primary customer is not present. That means, if your wife is home but you want a quote on your vehicle, don't waste our energy and time, if you cant bother with being there.
We don't deal with third parties, who have no interest in the repair of the vehicle. If its not important enough for you to be present at the time we arrive, its not important enough for us to waste our time either. We realize that this may offend some sensibilities, but we are in the business of fixing dents, not giving free in person estimates without explaining what needs to happen and the options available to you. We have provided numerous ways for you to get a quote online or with your phone today. Please feel free to invest a few minutes and capture us an image or short video and we will respond within the hour.

We only wave this rule for trusted body shops, rental agencies, dealerships, auctions, and the like. If you have not done business with us in the past, regardless of your size, we reserve the right to speak with the owner of the vehicle. They are free to contact us directly. The reasoning behind this is fairly straight forward, we don't want to get sued by the owner of the vehicle. Ethically, we would not want someone working on our vehicle, without our consent, and neither would you.

In conclusion:
1. We do not repair third party dents to customers we do not know. 2. We do not estimate dents in person without the primary being there.

Age 40: Advice To My Sons

Today is my 40th birthday and looking back its been a great journey thus far. I realize that life is short and there are no future days guaranteed, so I wanted to write this for my three sons: Owen, Ives, and Albert.

Stay wild and don't let the world tame your masculine heart. Spend nights in an open field watching for falling stars. Go alone into the deep woods to find your place on the edge of the pond, not to fish, but to stay silent and listen for the voice of God. Do this often, for your heart needs it, and He will give you strength. Tell no-one.

2. If you are uncertain of faith and religion, look into them all, but lastly
seek Jesus. You will not find Him in a Church or through other so-called "godly" people. The more holy they appear on the outside the more full of "it" they really are. If they tell you that you will be blessed the more you give, run. You are the Church, and it was never intended to be a building. If you give to others do so in secret. Go to those in prison, homeless, and destitute, feed and clothe them and do so in secret, never outsource this work, by giving to an offering plate.

3. If someone wrongs you once, be patient, kind and merciful. If they wrong you twice, pray for them so they may know Him. If they wrong you three times, break all dealings with them, and lay waste to them and
pour out your wrath by blessing them. No matter how many times you are wronged, if a person falls upon your mercy and asks for forgiveness, never deny them. Forgive, but never forget the wrong they have caused to mitigate future issues.

Above all things know love. Love is not emotion. Its a choice that you must make every day. It is an oath. If you follow this pattern you cannot fail or lose your step, do not let your emotions fool you.

5. In business,
never let your greed get in the way of your greed. That is, understand that generosity is the path to wealth, and opening your hand is the path to filling it. A closed hand cannot be full.

6. If another man gives you an opportunity be loyal to the point of death.
Never forget those who give you a hand up. Never take a hand-out, and if you do, get ready for that same hand to ask for you to kiss it. People do not remember you for what you do when your on the mountain peek, you are remembered for what you do while in the gutter. Stay calm, stay steady, and keep one in the chamber.

7. Get an education.
An education will not necessarily help you make money in life, it will however, help you take care of the money that you do make. Money doesn't equate to happiness, but happiness often leads to money; therefore, watch over your heart with all diligence, its the key to both.

8. It is my wish that you will seek
active combat military service and fight valiant on the battlefield. If you lose your life in the defense and service of the people, know that there is no greater love. If you survive, you will never value life the same, but you will understand the value of freedom.

9. Do not listen or subscribe to false prophets within any industry. You will know them because they are self proclaimed evangelists who attempt to sell their special "gnosis". Search that term from ancient times, it was a heresy, and there is truly nothing there.
Cut your own path and work for yourself as soon as possible. Make deals with others, but never be owned by any man.

You cannot outsource success. It flows from within you. You can never pay someone else to make you great. If they claim to have a way to make you great, figure out how they are doing it and do it yourself. Learn how to learn.

11. Read.

Above all else, know yourself. Never lie to you! Stay silent, stay hidden, and if you must strike, strike first and show no mercy.

I love you and have written this on 16 Feb 2018. You are my boys and I will always be your father, but Im just a man. Your real Father is in heaven and He is the one you must seek. Be honorable, be loyal, and never stop moving forward. Its easier to steer a car that is moving, than one that is sitting still.
May the Spirit of Christ Jesus be upon your brow forever.
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